ELECTION ALERT: Tea Party Express Endorses Eric Brakey for Congress in Maine

For Immediate Release: July 8, 2020

SACRAMENTO, CA: Tea Party Express, the nation’s largest Tea Party political action committee, is pleased to announce its endorsement of State Senator Eric Brakey for Congress in Maine’s Second Congressional District.

Tea Party Express Co-Founder and Chief Strategist Sal Russo said, “As both a State Senator and a grassroots activist, Eric Brakey is a fighter for the constitutional principles that have made America great. We are proud to stand with Tea Party Senator Rand Paul, who praised Eric as ‘a champion for freedom in the Maine Senate’ who will ‘fight for liberty in Congress.’

“During his two terms in the Maine State Senate, Eric Brakey distinguished himself as a champion of limited government. His successful efforts on welfare reform helped ensure that needy Mainers get the temporary help they need while cracking down on fraud and abuse. He also introduced legislation to combat civil asset forfeiture, one of government’s most egregious assaults on our liberty by taking property from even innocent people. It is no surprise that Eric was named Maine’s most conservative State Senator three times. His dedication to the principles of economic freedom and personal liberty will be a great asset in Congress, where he will fight the taxes, regulations, and bureaucracy that are stifling economic growth and hurting working families.

“While President Trump and conservatives in Congress fight to get Washington off our backs and restore our economy, Nancy Pelosi and her far-left allies are doubling down on their socialist schemes. History has shown that wasteful government programs and bureaucratic red tape always result in anemic economic growth at best, rising national debt, and diminishing personal liberty. But limited government based on constitutional principles is the recipe for getting Americans back to work and protecting our God-given liberties. Mainers have a clear choice in this election: the failed far left agenda of Nancy Pelosi and Jared Golden or the freedom and economic growth that Eric Brakey will tirelessly fight for in Congress,” Russo concluded.

The following are statements from local grassroots leaders:

“My support is for Eric Brakey…I have seen him take questions, and he always has a well thought out response on any topic. He shares his guidance as the Constitution of the United States. He has a proven track record on the 2nd Amendment, Right to Try, and sensible welfare reforms to name a few…he has a clear vision about bringing our troops home and to stop fighting endless wars with no clear mission. When he speaks, he speaks with clear convictions and ideas on how to get the job done. I believe Eric to be the best candidate to represent the people of Maine. We need someone with strong convictions, a strong work ethic and the ability to challenge and beat Jared Golden in the general election. Don’t forget the vast war chest that backs Golden… well over a million dollars! We need someone with a proven track record and name recognition to get the donations necessary to fight and win this battle for Maine’s 2nd district!” Mim Look Clark, Harrington, ME

“I am supporting Eric Brakey for Congress because I believe that he will fight for our freedoms and our constitution. I met Eric at a Gun Owners of Maine meeting where he was a speaker. He warned us about all of the Democrats’ anti-gun legislation coming down the pike and urged us to get involved. Eric was at every hearing in Augusta to testify and fight against them and was key in defeating every bill. I have heard him speak many times. When he decided to run against Jared Golden, I decided to do everything I could do to help him win. Since then I have learned by talking with him that he loves this state, country and all it stands for. Eric will become one of Maine’s greatest legislators once we elect him to represent Maine’s second district.” Ben Twitchell, Ellsworth, ME

“In the past 4 years I’ve known Eric Brakey, no one in our state has fought harder for Liberty, freedom, our 2nd Amendment and the Maine people. Eric is a hardworking man that will get things done for a free Maine and a free America. Eric is the best candidate for Congress for the state of Maine.” Gina Smith, Bowdoin Center, ME

I support Eric Brakey because he is a liberty minded conservative with both the knowledge and the will to get things done. He has a proven track record of accomplishing change, going against the tide, and even standing alone if need be. When asked a question on policy, he doesn’t give a fluffy politicians answer, which is to say no answer at all. He answers it directly, at times bluntly, a nice change of pace. He is not only our best chance of winning back that seat, he is also the right man for the job. His intelligence, vigor, honor, moral character, and willpower are characteristics we need in Washington D.C.” Andrew J. Page, Bangor, ME

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