ELECTION ALERT: Tea Party Express Endorses Nick Freitas for Congress in Virginia

For Immediate Release: June 15, 2020

SACRAMENTO, CA: Tea Party Express, the nation’s largest Tea Party political action committee, is pleased to announce its endorsement of Nick Freitas for Congress in Virginia’s 7th Congressional District.

Tea Party Express Co-Founder and Chief Strategist Sal Russo said, “Nick Freitas is a staunch Tea Party conservative who understands that individual liberty and constitutional principles are the foundation of the United States. We are proud to stand with Tea Party Senators Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and Rand Paul and Tea Party Congressman Dan Crenshaw in endorsing Nick to defeat liberal Abigail Spanberger in November.

“Leadership, public service, and patriotism distinguish Nick Freitas. Joining the U.S. Army immediately after graduating from high school, he retired after 11 years of service, including 2 tours of duty in Iraq as a Green Beret. At home, he has been involved in the community as a volunteer and as Chair of the Culpepper County Republican Committee.

Nick is currently serving his third term in the Virginia House of Delegates, where he has fought Gov. Northam’s far left agenda and pushed for lower taxes and responsible state spending. He is exactly the conservative leader needed in Congress to fight the liberals’ calls for bigger and more expensive government. Instead, he will support the policies to get the economy moving again.

“When she was elected to Congress in 2018, Abigail Spanberger promised that she would be a moderate, but in reality, she votes almost in lockstep with Nancy Pelosi. The voters of the 7th District, which Donald Trump won in 2016, deserve better than her liberal hypocrisy. They deserve both honest leadership and the conservative solutions for which they supported President Trump.

Nick Freitas won’t vote to send the nation further into debt with pork barrel spending like Spanberger has. He’ll cut out-of-control spending, push to make the Trump tax cuts permanent, and get the federal government out of the way. Then entrepreneurs and consumers can drive our economic recovery to make prosperity and opportunity a reality for all Americans,” Russo concluded.

The following are statements from local grassroots:

Nick Freitas is a man of great conviction and principle who has a unique gift for conveying our shared conservative message like no other. His message of liberty, faith in our creator, and duty to country has appeal that can cross party lines and unite people divided over partisan rhetoric. The 7th District lost a beacon of liberty in 2018 and Nick’s ability to articulate the message of freedom will ignite a new generation and renew faith in the promise of America. He has the integrity and resolve to fight back against the onslaught of attacks that will ensue whomever our nominee will be in 2020. His personal story combined with his solid record of service to his fellow man has shown that Nick is consistent, honest, and has always fought to defend the most vulnerable regardless of the arena. I have known Nick for almost a decade, prior to ever being on any ballot, and can say without question, he is the same humble guy I met way back then. His principles have never wavered, and he is the person the 7th District needs as our standard-bearer in 2020.” Richard Roberts II, Glen Allen, VA

Nick Freitas is an ardent supporter of the 2nd Amendment and our Constitutional Rights, and that’s why I support him!” Justin Sampson, Spotsylvania, VA

“I support Nick Freitas because he’s a no-nonsense liberty-minded veteran with a proven conservative voting record.” Brett Pritchett, Spotsylvania, VA

“Nick’s defense of our civil liberties and dedication to eliminating immoral taxation makes me more than happy to support him in November.” Jessica Burruss, Spotsylvania, VA

Nick Freitas is the only candidate who can beat Abigail Spanberger this November. He is principled in his beliefs, and is quick to defend liberty in the face of governmental tyranny. As someone who has always been an advocate for the pro-life movement, one of the greatest issues facing our generation, I admire Nick’s continued commitment to protect the unborn. I am proud to join activists across the Commonwealth who are excited about Nick’s candidacy and ready to mobilize to help him become the Congressman for the 7th District.” Maggie Cleary, Culpeper, VA

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