ELECTION ALERT: Tea Party Express Endorses Rep. Thomas Massie in Kentucky

For Immediate Release: April 20, 2020

SACRAMENTO, CA: Tea Party Express, the nation’s largest Tea Party political action committee, is pleased to announce its endorsement of Rep. Thomas Massie in Kentucky’s Fourth Congressional District.

Tyler Starnes with Representative Thomas Massie at the family business, Five Points Firearms, located in Shelbyville, KY

Tea Party Express Co-Founder and Chief Strategist Sal Russo said, “Congressman Thomas Massie has distinguished himself as a fervent defender of constitutional principles against the big government establishment in Washington. We are excited to stand with Tea Party Kentucky Senator Rand Paul who, in endorsing Massie, praised him as ‘one of the few people who can be counted on to defend your liberty.’

“Throughout his four terms in Congress, Congressman Massie has been a consistent voice for the Tea Party values of limited government, lower taxes, and reducing out-of-control government spending. An engineer and successful entrepreneur, he has seen firsthand how government overreach both stifles innovation and job creation and threatens the constitutional order our Founding Fathers wisely bequeathed to us.

“We can count on Congressman Massie to continue standing up to the special interests and establishment insiders hell-bent on infringing on our God-given liberties, taxing us to death, and bloating the federal government with failed programs and wasteful pork barrel spending. Although liberals and even some establishment Republicans sometimes question Congressman Massie’s actions, it is clear that his policies are rooted in his loyalty to the Constitution above all else. Our country needs more voices like his in Congress.

“Neither Senator Paul nor Congressman Massie are hesitant to point out the folly of ignoring the protections of American citizens within the United States Constitution while others are opting for expediency or some short-term political advantage. You can rely on Paul and Massie for their dedication to the principles that make America great, and that means standing up to Democrats or Republicans when politics is overcoming adherence to principle.

“As the November election approaches, voters will have the opportunity to choose either the successful Trump agenda of limited government and economic freedom or the stagnation, big government social programs and identity politics promoted by liberals despite decades of failure. Our economic recovery depends on government getting out of the way and letting the free market create jobs and prosperity, just as the Founding Fathers intended. We can count on constitutional conservatives like Congressman Massie to lead the way,” Russo concluded.

The following are statements from local grassroots leaders:

“As the spokesperson and head of the Kentucky State Tea Party leadership team, ‘The United Kentucky Tea Party,’ I appreciate Congressman Thomas Massie’s leadership in Congress and in Kentucky. Any time the U.S. Congress is in session, our wallets and our Liberties are in jeopardy. While others in Congress fight for lobbyists and special interests, fights for us. He has demonstrated his courage time after time by being the only dissenting voice of reason as he did with the recent pork bloated third Covid 19 bill. Thomas guards the Constitution, our rights and our hard-earned money as if they were his own. I only wish we had an entire U.S. House filled with Congressmen and Congresswomen like Thomas Massie. Congressman Massie has my personal endorsement and my full support.”

Scott Hofstra, Spokesperson, The United Kentucky Tea Party

“When you cast your vote, you are never really sure if the candidate will uphold campaign promises, their Oath, or if they will fold under pressure, to the highest bidder. Usually we are casting votes for the lesser of two evils. Thomas Massie breaks the mold! Congressman Massie has a proven record of reliability; he courageously stands up to Federal Tyrants, consistently upholds the Constitution, ensuring the inheritance of our forefathers. He collaborates with his constituents, to ensure and protect our liberty, paying homage to all those that serve, have served and given their lives upholding the freedoms we so often take for granted. In a time of few elected allies, we can count on the Hero in Massie! I am honored to support, endorse and champion the Thomas Massie for Congress Campaign. Massie’s integrity is vital for the survival of our Republic. History will reflect a legacy of honor in his service and convictions; we shall never take for granted those that fight for us and stand against our enemies. Let it be known, we have a Champion, his name is Thomas Massie!”

Stacie A. Earl, Grassroots Leader

“I have been active in conservative politics for over a decade, and am the former President of the Louisville TEA Party. We’ve seen many we sent to DC since 2010 succumb to the diseases of generic conformity and partisan posing while going along to get along with the worst of the Swamp. Thomas Massie is different. He’s fought the battles by himself when necessary. He’s exposed corruption and deception by politicians. He’s endured ridicule, threats and scorn for his adherence to his oath to the Constitution and willingness to fight for a free economy and safer America. His role as head of the Second Amendment Caucus has helped gun owners like myself both in state and across the nation. His voice helped the grassroots pass Constitutional Carry here in Kentucky last year. I’m thankful that we have an outstanding champion of the Constitution in Kentucky, and want him to continue fighting for us as long as he is willing. I’m proud to endorse Kentucky farmer, inventor and statesman Congressman Thomas Massie for reelection, because we can rely on him to fight for lower taxes, fiscal responsibility, and our rights.”

– Michael Brown, Former President Louisville TEA Party

“I support Congressman Thomas Massie for many reasons. He is a constitutional conservative. He is an advocate for the Bill of Rights and is clear on our Second Amendment rights. He is Pro-Life, pro-family, pro- innovation, pro-America, and pro- small business. All of this is supported by his voting record. What may not be as clearly shown in the black and white statistical record is what a good person- a good man, husband, father, friend, and statesman he is to his constituents. His tenacity and dedication are evidenced through his commitment to his duty to his oaths to the U.S. Constitution and to his constituency rather than the prevailing winds of current political crisis. I respect his intelligence and vigilance. And I will be voting for Thomas Massie on June 23, 2020.”

Jan Skavdahl, Chairwoman, Northern Kentucky Tea Party

“Thomas Massie is a man who stands on his Constitutional principles no matter how politically expedient it might be to throw them away. This United States needs more people with that type of mettle representing our Republic. If you believe in the principles of this great country’s founding; if you believe in limited government and the Constitution, Thomas Massie should be your choice for Congressman.”

– Tyler Starnes, Political Activist and Constitutionalist

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