ELECTION ALERT: Tea Party Express Endorses Sen. Steve Daines in Montana

For Immediate Release: April 9, 2019

SACRAMENTO, CA – Tea Party Express, the nation’s largest grassroots Tea Party political action committee, is pleased to announce its endorsement of Senator Steve Daines for re-election in the State of Montana.

Tea Party Express Co-Founder and Chief Strategist Sal Russo said, “We are excited to once again throw our support behind committed conservative champion Sen. Steve Daines. When we first endorsed him for Senate in 2014, we were impressed by his private sector experience, record of job creation, commitment to following the Constitution, and adhering to the principles of fiscal responsibility and economic growth with opportunity. In the Senate, he has been a leader in the fight to restore our economic health and has worked tirelessly to rein in big government spending that is draining taxpayers of their hard-earned money.

Thanks to Senator Daines’ support of the historic tax reform bill, Montana taxpayers are keeping more of their hard-earned money, and our small businesses are investing in their workers, creating more high-paying jobs, and providing opportunities for folks all across the state. As a former businessman, Daines has worked hard to bring commonsense to Washington. That’s why he introduced legislation that would ensure members of Congress do not receive a paycheck unless they pass a balanced budget. He understands that unless we address our out-of-control spending, it’s going to hamper our economy and burden future generations with trillions of dollars in debt

Senator Daines also recognizes the importance of Montana’s natural resources to its economy and way of life while remaining committed to protecting Montana’s public lands. Daines has supported efforts to remove onerous barriers to job-creating energy development while continuing to protect the Treasure State’s natural beauty for generations to come

Maintaining conservative control of the Senate in 2020 is a critical component in ensuring that the restoration of American liberty and prosperity continues, and that we remain steadfast in protecting the sanctity of life. President Trump and conservatives like Daines have accomplished a great deal over the past two years, including a roaring economy, rolling back job-crippling taxes and regulations, and appointing conservative judges like Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme CourtWe must protect all that has been accomplished and keep control of the Senate out of the hands of Democrats.” 

Lastly, Daines has stood by President Trump in his efforts to build an effective border wall to maintain American sovereignty and control over our borders. Our country cannot afford to be lured by the false promises and distorted visions of an increasingly far-left Democratic Party that will take us back to the years of stagnation and government overreach. It is imperative for conservatives to come out fighting in 2020 and return a proven and trusted conservative leader like Steve Daines to the Senate,” Russo concluded.

Senator Daines also enjoys widespread support among Montana grassroots conservative activists. Lewistown Tea Party leader Lonnie Bergstrom said, “For me, Senator Daines has been a solid representative for Montana. I feel that with his wealth of business experience, he approaches things from a very business-like and practical standpoint. He genuinely cares about the people in Montana. I have talked to many that see Steve as just a regular guy, easily approachable and easy to talk to. That’s important to a heavy rural population like Montana. I feel that Senator Daines is right on board with the Trump agenda to do what is best for the working men and women of both Montana and America as a whole.” 

Support from Montana’s Republican Legislators:
With our economy booming, now more than ever we need to have strong leadership in Washington. In Montana, we can say we are filling our part of the deal by having Senator Daines lead the charge.”
–Senate President Scott Sales

Senator Steve Daines always fights for and best represents our Montana way of life back in Washington. He has fought to create jobs for Montanans, protect our borders, and limit federal government overreach in our lives. Above all, his values stand in line with Montanans and I appreciate having such a strong conservative leader like him in Washington.” 
–House Speaker Greg Hertz

In Montana we balance our budgets both at home and in the legislature. This is one Montana value that Washington needs to learn from. We need fiscal conservatives like Senator Daines to teach their fellow Senators these values.” –Senate Majority Leader Fred Thomas

Senator Daines understands that opportunity, prosperity, and liberty come from a limited government guided by the Constitution. His leadership, representation of our conservative values, and selfless service – always putting the needs of Montanans before himself – is commendable. There’s no one more committed to putting Montana first.” 
–House Majority Leader Brad Tschida

 Senator Daines has gained respect throughout Washington for his fiscal and business talents. So much so that his fellow Senators made him the only Senator in the last 75 years to sit on both the Appropriations and Finance Committees.” –Senate Pro Temp Mark Blasdel

The fight for the dignity of life is now more important than ever. I am proud to stand with Senator Daines. He is Montana’s pro-life champion on the national stage.”–Senator Al Olszewski, MD

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