Tea Party Express Endorses Dan Sullivan, Beginning Radio Campaign with Joe Miller

Sacramento, CA – Tea Party Express, the nation’s largest Tea Party political action committee, proudly endorses Dan Sullivan for U.S. Senate. The organization is also launching a statewide radio advertisement narrated by former Republican Senate nominee Joe Miller.

Tea Party Express’ Executive Director Taylor Budowich said, “President Obama and Senator Harry Reid have been able to count on Mark Begich to cast key votes that advance their liberal agenda. The only thing voters of Alaska have been able to count on is that Begich will sell them out to please Obama and Reid. Alaskans deserve better. That’s why Tea Party Express is endorsing an Alaska conservative Dan Sullivan for the U.S. Senate.

“Dan has made a career out of fighting for Alaska. As a Marine, Dan fought to protect America’s national security. He went on to serve Governor Sarah Palin as Alaska’s Attorney General and then the Commissioner of the Department of Natural Resources. He put Alaska first, keeping the Obama Administration out and encouraging economic growth throughout the state,” Budowich said.

In the Tea Party Express sponsored radio advertisement, Joe Miller says, “I ran in the Republican Primary for the U.S. Senate because Barack Obama’s assault on America must be stopped. It is still a priority for me to rid the Senate of Obama’s liberal allies, like Senator Mark Begich, who have brought more taxes, government regulations and intrusion into our daily lives. Begich’s voting record supports liberal President Obama NINETY-SEVEN PER CENT of the time in an effort to transform America. He seems to have completely lost touch with Alaska.”

The Tea Party Express was a major supporter of Joe Miller in his upset Primary victory in 2010 against Senator Lisa Murkowski. Today, both Murkowski and Miller agree on the importance of defeating liberal Senator Mark Begich.

“We have been proud to stand with Joe Miller in the past, and we look forward to standing with him again in the future. Now is the time for Alaskans to join together and ensure that liberal Mark Begich’s tenure in Washington comes to an end,” concluded Budowich.

Comments for local Tea Party leaders:

“I absolutely support Dan Sullivan for Senate in Alaska. The risks to our country if Harry Reid continues to control the Senate are staggering: new Supreme Court Justices who will trash our Constitution like Obama has and ever-worsening debt and deficits on the backs of our young people.”

Bethany Marcum, Activist, Anchorage Tea Party


“As a Tea Party founder, Husband and Father Of four, I’m supporting Dan Sullivan to be the next Senator for all of Alaska. Families across Alaska need a Senator we can trust to keep his word and protect our freedoms and liberties. I hope you will tell your friends and family that Dan Sullivan is what Alaska needs in Washington.”

Eddie Burke, Radio Host and Tea Party Activist, Anchorage, Alaska