Grassroots Update: Keeping our eyes on the finish line

by Kay Rivoli
National Grassroots Director

Here’s the deal.  The Dems are scared to death.  They are pouring big money into campaigns in South Dakota, Kansas and many other key battleground states.  We, the grassroots, have them on the run.  We are uniting behind our conservative candidates and getting out the vote.  Tea party supporters are waving signs for Tom Cotton in Arkansas, knocking on doors for Cory Gardner in Colorado and making phone calls for Pat Roberts in Kansas.

All across this nation grassroots are getting out the vote!  Seeing the bigger picture, we are uniting to defeat the Democratic machine of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi and we are joining forces to take back the Senate.  Time is short but spirits are high and energized grassroots will accept nothing less than victories in both the House and Senate.

For example, here’s what’s happening in Arkansas according to Tea Party Activist, Marta Kaelin: “We rallied for Cotton this past Saturday and will again on 10/18 10am-12pm downtown Fort Smith. By the way my husband plays your song at every event.”

Personally, I like the part about our songs getting played.  With that said, what are you doing?  Let us know.  Help us encourage and inspire others with your thoughts.  And if you need music, I’ll send you some.

And here’s what Dewey McDonnell has the folks doing in Virginia to help Dave Brat; “Our election effort is really picking up steam moving towards Election Day.  Networking ourselves with our conservative neighbors and friends will go a long way towards the resounding victory we are planning for.  We have plenty of good tools available just for this purpose:

1. Training

2. Precinct organization (if you don’t know your captain I will get you connected)

3. Door knocking walk lists

4. Phone banking lists

5. Bumper stickers

6. Yard signs

7. Highway signs

8. Rally events (where voters can meet Dave Brat)”

Most of us are not able to do all of the above.  But, we can all do at least part of this list.  Most importantly, we can network with other voters and engage them through conversation, outreach, and connect them with tools like bumper stickers and yard signs

I have been told by Rita Grace of the Culpepper Constitutional Tea Party that their Patriots are willing to provide housing and food and beverage to anyone willing to come into the 12th District of Virginia with boots on the ground to work this race.  They will also provide telephones to those willing to do phone banking in the area.  They need boots on the ground to get Dave Brat elected in Virginia.

Help us share with others what your group is doing to get out the vote how others can help.

Email me at

As for me, I’ll be busy encouraging you to stay the course and praying for His divine intervention while doing all I can to bring us together.  United We Win!  God Bless each of you Patriots and may He continue to bless the United States of America.

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