Jeff Sessions’ Fiscal Fight

by Donlyn Turnbull

Senator Jeff Sessions has served in the Senate for three terms and is once again up for reelection in Alabama.  Why is Tea Party Express endorsing him for his fourth Senate bid?  Please take a few moments to learn why we feel Jeff Sessions needs to remain in the Senate and why we are fighting to keep him there.

Fighting for conservatism

In 2007, Senator Sessions was ranked by the National Journal as the fifth most conservative U.S. Senator.  He has consistently voted along fiscal conservative lines by fighting against TARP and raising the debt limit.  He has worked consistently to reduce federal spending and voted no for Congressional pay raises.  He’s also fighting for protecting American interests home and abroad.

“Washington is making things worse,” Sessions explained.  “It’s taxing too much. It’s regulating too much, impacting adversely the ability of America to produce American energy and creating jobs in the process.  Keep from sending wealth abroad.  We can defend the American manufacturers and workers on the world stage by insisting on fair trade.”

Fighting for our future

Jeff Sessions wants to ensure a bright future for our country both economically and by protecting our constitutional rights. He has consistently stood against those policies and issues that infringe upon our freedom and has worked diligently to maintain that those serving in any branch of Government are held to the highest of ethical standards.

Economically, Jeff wants to create a government that is productive without raising taxes and reduce wasteful spending. “We can do more. We can make the government leaner and more productive, so that it produces more good for the citizens,” Sessions said. “This idea that we can borrow, tax, spend and create more debt to make America better in the long run is doomed to failure. “


The man behind the fight

Jeff Sessions has responsibly served as the ranking minority member on the Senate Budget Committee.  For twelve years he served as the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Alabama before being elected to Attorney General for the state of Alabama all before his service in the U.S. Senate.  He believes in bringing ethics and principles to our Judicial system, fighting against activism and overreach by the courts.  He feels the Supreme Court has exceeded its authority and needs to be reined in claiming all courts should respect the rule of law.

Senator Sessions has served the country and the people of Alabama well over his tenure and we ask that you please join with us in supporting a man whose actions fully support all that he claims.