ELECTION ALERT: Tea Party Express Endorses Jim Oberweis for Congress in Illinois

For Immediate Release: August 6, 2020

SACRAMENTO, CA: Tea Party Express, the nation’s largest Tea Party political action committee, is pleased to announce its endorsement of State Senator Jim Oberweis for Congress in Illinois’s 14th Congressional District.

Tea Party Express Co-Founder and Chief Strategist Sal Russo said, “The 14th District is critical in conservative efforts to take back control of the House and rip the gavel out of Nancy Pelosi’s hands. State Senator Jim Oberweis is the commonsense conservative leader who can beat liberal Lauren Underwood and bring conservatives one step closer to knocking Pelosi out of power.

“A lifelong Illinoisan, successful entrepreneur, and State Senator, Jim Oberweis took his family’s business, Oberweis Dairy, and expanded it into a successful enterprise that employs hundreds of people. As America struggles to put people back to work and get the economy moving again, we need more people in Congress like him who have actually signed a paycheck and created thousands of jobs, not just another politician who has no idea how high taxes and burdensome regulations hurt entrepreneurs and their employees. In the State Senate, Jim has stood up to the Democratic machine in Springfield, fought to lower taxes, and pushed to bring wasteful spending under control. We need his commonsense leadership in Washington to help President Trump and conservatives get the economy back on track and restore fiscal discipline.

“Lauren Underwood has one of the most liberal voting records of any member of Congress. Despite representing a district President Trump won in 2016 with a Tea Party message of limited, constitutional government, she is a reliable vote for Nancy Pelosi and the radical left. Their socialist schemes like Medicare for All and free college are impossible without higher taxes on hardworking families and more corrupt big government. Those are the last things we need amid a struggling economy and record budget deficits. We need a conservative Congress to stand up to the Washington establishment and fight for limited government and free market solutions that stimulate economic growth. It’s time to kick liberals like Lauren Underwood out of Congress and replace them with principled conservatives like Jim Oberweis,” Russo concluded.

The following are statements from local grassroots leaders:

“When people in Illinois hear ‘Oberweis,’ their first thought is probably about the ice cream that made this family name a household name. But I am writing to let everyone know that behind the entrepreneur and famous dairy, Jim Oberweis is someone who is making Illinois a better place. As a pastor on the south side of Chicago, I am constantly facing shortages of resources, inadequate to meet the enormous needs of our fellow community members. Through my ministry work, I met Jim Oberweis, and have had the pleasure of working with him to provide jobs and economic opportunity for young people. One of the central ministries we operate out of our church is a jobs-training program to help young men and women find not just work, but meaningful career paths. We have programs for truck driving, construction, landscaping, and soon, careers in the food industry, thanks to the pizza and dairy franchises Jim is donating for our program. Jim has been a longtime contributor and supporter of our work. We have all been blessed by Jim’s faithfulness in providing financial support for our programs. Jim is now running for Congress from the 14th District, and I encourage everyone to take a look at this man whose compassion and generosity are helping us renew the south side of Chicago.” – Pastor Cory Brooks, Senior Pastor, New Beginnings Church, Chicago

“When it comes to the race for Congress in the 14th District, it’s imperative that we have a proven leader with a track record of free markets, limited government and less taxes. The only candidate who represents these values is Jim Oberweis. He’s an honest Republican, an astute businessman, and a proven fighter. Jim’s done a great job as State Senator, even though he’s a minority in the corrupt, Madigan-controlled Illinois Legislature.” – Joan Lasonde, Conservative Activist

“The clear conservative choice for Republicans in the 14th District is Jim Oberweis. I support Jim Oberweis for Congress because he has been a consistent fiscal conservative. It is no secret that one of the issues I am most passionate about is taxes and from Day One in the State Legislature, I have been a consistent opponent to tax increases. The one member in the State Senate with a similar record of opposition to taxes is Jim Oberweis. Jim Oberweis is a man of character and principle. Springfield has not changed Jim Oberweis, and neither will Washington D.C. His steady leadership will be missed in the State Senate. but we will have gained a true conservative champion representing us in Congress. – Allen Skillicorn, State Representative, 66th District

“Since I met Jim Oberweis, in 2008 he has been nothing but helpful and very supportive of my efforts to mentor and support Latinos trying to improve their education, economic and professional standing in the United States. I was able to break the vicious cycle of poverty and overcome seemingly impossible obstacles of growing up in the inner city through hard work, determination and education. Despite growing up in the toughest of circumstances, running with gangs, abusing drugs and alcohol, I turned my life around by honorably serving in the U.S Army as a non-commissioned officer. There I learned the discipline and character which would provide the basis for all other successes in my life. That success includes serving as Executive Vice President of a publicly traded company on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), also starting several successful businesses on my own. Jim is an entrepreneur who also works with inner city youth and during our time together, Jim and I have conferred on the best policies and legislative solutions to achieve the upward economic mobility for urban youths who are desperately searching to transcend their current circumstances. I have every confidence in Jim’s ability to best serve the people of Illinois in the United States House of Representatives.” – Robert Rentiria, U.S. Army Veteran and Conservative Champion

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